• What’s the difference between a Manufactured Home, Mobile Home, and a Modular Home?

    A manufactured home is a home constructed in a factory according to strict code that must be adhered to, the National Manufactured Housing Construction and Safety Standards (HUD code) of July 15, 1976. A manufactured home is transportable in one or more sections, built on a permanent chassis, and is a home with or without a permanent foundation. Manufactured home titles must be transferred to the new owner as part of the transaction. Modular homes are factory built and brought to the site in one or more sections. Unlike a manufactured home, which must adhere to the national HUD code, the modular home is regulated by the BOCA code. This is the same code site-built homes must adhere to and must be placed on a permanent foundation that meets the local requirements. A mobile home is a factory-built home that was built before the July 1, 1976 HUD code came into effect. Mobile Home is a legal term for modern manufactured housing.

  • Can you move a home here?

    Yes, it is possible. Please contact management for more details.

  • Do you allow pets?

    Yes, contact the office for guidelines.

  • Do you own or lease the land?

    You own your home and lease the land.

  • What are the benefits to owning in a Manufactured Home Community?

    Enjoy all of our amenities including a community playground and beautiful green spaces.

  • Are my children and grandchildren able to visit?

    Yes, we allow younger relatives short-term visits in the community. If non-Residents are using the amenities they must be accompanied by a Resident. There are limits on the length of time non-Residents are permitted to stay, please consult with the property manager for a full explanation.

  • Who manages the community?

    Cabrillo has onsite managers at each of their properties.

  • Is there financing available for Manufactured Homes?

    Yes, we have lenders we can recommend to with help you secure the right mortgage for you and your new home.

  • What upgrades are being planned?

    Stay tuned for upgrade plan.

  • Is there somewhere I can park my RV or boat?

    No storage options.

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